Final Results of the second day of matches


Article by Giovanni Crosato - photo FIPT

Second day of the third edition of the Indoor World Championship which, after the parenthesis in the Catalan land of two years ago and the first edition of 2013 held in the Terre dell'Alto Mantovano, has returned this year to Italy, to Rovereto, during the weekend of December 8th, organized by the Italian Federation of Tambourine Balls, on behalf of the Fédération Internationale de Balle au Tambourin, in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento, the CONI, the Municipality of Rovereto and the Vallagrina Community.

The highlight of the year, with the participation of ten nations, confirming a movement in ferment and constantly growing even beyond the European borders, the presence of Brazil is significant, especially in the indoor specialty, which uses smaller spaces and is more easy learning. At the last moment, forfait of the Cuban selection for organizational problems.
For Europe, apart from Italy, France, Catalonia, Spain, Germany, San Marino, Hungary, England and Portugal.

Holders of the world title the blue in the women's and France in the men's, thanks to the success achieved in the final two years ago in Catalonia at the end of a great comeback on our training.

In the morning the qualifying phases were closed with the certainty of the passage of the round, however, starting from Friday our teams and the eternal French rivals, who then finished first in their respective groups, then the quarter-finals.

Tomorrow morning the semi-finals with Italy at 8.30 against Catalunya at the Fucine, while at Don Milani France will face Germany.

Following the women's semi-finals, the men's field with Don Milani the boys directed by Salvatore Occhipinti to contend again with Catalonia, already defeated in the group and the Fucine France opposed to the always brilliant Brazil. After the consolation finals, it will be the semi-finals.

After a brief pause, the grand final with the women's finals at 2.45 pm and then the men's match.

At the end of the meetings, in the presence of the political and sporting authorities, the ceremony awards of all participating teams.

Saturday ended withthe matches valid for the classification from the fifth to the eighth place in the women's and from the fifth to the tenth for the men's.

Fifth place for Brazilian women who beat Hungary in the decisive battle 13-9, sixth; seventh England, which clearly outperformed Portugal.
For male teams fifth place for Hungary, sixth for Germany and seventh for San Marino. 

The center of the event is the Gym of the Don Milani Institute, which will be joined by the Le Fucine Gym and the Halle Tennis always in Rovereto.

Designated referees
Caliaro, Carletti, Sona, Sperotto, Bressan, Tavernini, Formolo, Angeli, Postinghel, Frasnelli, Negherbon, Teli, Bertola, Locatelli for the Italian section, together with two French representatives Abdel Oujarti and Patrick Espel, a Portuguese Joao Peres and a German Daniel Hüller.
Brazil: Carla Fernandes, Juliana Castelain Fernandes, Brenda Azevedo, Daniela Caetano, Daniela Sabor, Regina Falset, Simone Pingituro.
DT: Mauricio Fernandes

Catalonia: Andrea Pitarch, Gemma Fibla, Laia Vendrell, Mariona Tripiana, Vicki Valls.
DT: Marc Juarez Masana, Xabier Ibanez

England: Lily

Graham-Stewart, Morag Patterson, Clara Mason.

Germany: Patricia Borck, Cassandra Brock, Sarah Ludwig, Joahanna Karnebogen, Cathleen Piotrowsky, Linda Wagner.
DT: Federica Serra

Hungary: Borbala Islands, Catalina Regina Kiss, Clara Sofia Kiss, Marianne Schenider, Nagy Tunge.
DT: Robert Fidrich, Nemedy Karoly

France: Carole Ferrier, Oceane Pastor, Anais Liron, Marine Entakli, Nadege Charles, Delphine Goud.
DT: Stephane Mauri

Portugal: Maria Jose Jorge, Sonia Noronha, Ines Almeida, Carla Enriques, Paula Peres, Ariana Azevedo, Ines Jorge.
DT: Andrew Pagaime, Nancy Lopes

Italy: Beatrice Zeni, Chiara Zeni, Germana Baldo, Rebecca Lanzoni, Noemi Sogliani, Veronica Trapletti, Laura Lorenzoni, Arianna Calliari.
DT: Gianni Dessì.

Brazil: Arthur Antunes, Fabio Chamon, Matheus Torres, Mauricio Neves, Mauricio Fernandes.
DT: Luis Fernandes Augusto

Germany: Martin Matz, Alexander Ahrens, Kevin Nemitz, David Lempke, Timo Shafer, Patrick Legendre.
DT: Juan Ramon Martinez Moreno

Hungary: Mark Meszaros, Gergely Kapovits, Zoltan Klaus, Laszlo Pleszkats, Szabolcs Felfoldi, Balint Kisfaludy.

France: William Wahl, Quentin Guillerm, Florian Palau, Cedric Penas, Mikael Levis, Jayson Seris, Enzo Espel, Nicolas Terme.
DT: Gautier Vidal, Clement Castelbou

Portugal: Andre Pagaime, Ruben Goncalves, Andre Jorge, Rui Noronha.
DT: Jose Lopes

Catalonia: Alex Rius, Jacint Torrents, Jordi Pompas, Jose Matinez, Marc Satorra, Marc Solsona.
DT: Marc Atanes, Alvaro Ratia.

England: Robert Bull, Ori Halup, Leonidis Capon, Danny Dawson.

San Marino: Alessandro Vigna, Paolo Raschi, Christian Righetti, William Forcellini, Michele Giannoni.
DT: Roberto Pellandra

Spain: Miguel Lareu, Adrian Pitarch, Ana Dieguez, Marco Lopez, Ovidio Arena.
DT: Miguel Polo

Italy: Luca Festi, Manuel Festi, Alessandro Merighi, Federico Merighi, Gabriel Fiorini, Marco Ferrera, Graziano Perottoni, Gabriele Weber.
DT: Salvatore Occhipinti


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