In the First Day Italian and French Teams have already qualified


It started on Friday morning, with a little opening ceremony at the Palestra of the Don Milani Institute, in the presence of the President of the International Federation Mr. Bernard Barral, the President of the Italian Federation Mr. Edoardo Facchetti, the vice President Mr. Flavio Ubiali, the General Secretary of the International and Italian Federation  Mr. Maurizio Pecora and of the treasurer of the International Federation Mr. Paulo Do, the third edition of the Indoor World Championship that, after the parenthesis in Catalan land two years ago and the first edition of 2013 held in the Alto Mantovano Land's, has returned this year in Italy, in Rovereto, on the weekend of December 8th.

The event is organized by the Italian Federation of Tambourine Ball Game on behalf of the FIBaT, the International Federation, in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento, CONI, the Municipality of Rovereto and the Community of Vallagarina.

Thi is the most important event of the year, with the participation of ten nations, confirming a constantly growing movement, even beyond Europe;  the presence of Brazil is significant, especially in the indoor specialty, which uses smaller spaces and is more easy learning. At the last moment, forfait of the Cuban selection for organizational problems.

Teams representing Europe, including Italy, are France, Catalonia, Spain, Germany, San Marino, Hungary, England and Portugal.

Winners of the last world titles are the Italian female team and France for the male category, thanks to the success obtained in the final match two years ago in Catalonia at the end of a great battle.

For the qualifying men's phase, there are ten teams in total, divided into three groups. In Group A we find France (winner of the laste Title), Spain and England; in Group B Italy, Germany, Catalonia and Portugal; in Group C Brazil, Hungary and San Marino. The first teams in each group, the second and the best third, will go directly to the quarter-finals, while the other two thirds will face each other to define the last qualified team.

For women's only two groups, with the presence of eight representatives: in group A Italy (winner of the last title two years ago in Catalonia), Brazil, Hungary and Portugal; in group B France will face Catalonia, Germany and England. All teams will enter the quarter-finals, with cross-matches between first and fourth of the groups and second and third.

The center of the event is the Gym of the Don Milani Institute, which will be joined by the Le Fucine Gym and the Halle Tennis always in Rovereto.

After the first day of competitions, in women, with all the selections already certain of the landing at the quarter-finals, tomorrow morning will be decisive to define the final ranking. 

For Male teams it will be the difference points and games to establish the ranking of the second and third ranked teams and then to define the male quarter-finals that will start from tomorrow morning, together with the female ones.

Semifinals on Sunday morning and finals for the third edition of the world title in the afternoon.

Between the women's and men's finals there will also be the awarding ceremony for Castellaro team, winner of the Italian Open 2019 Championship and the Castiglione team, which is the winner of the Italian Serie B.